Prototypes and R&D Projects

We understand the ever-evolving electronics industry and we know there are many challenges to be faced in the development of new products and we are here to work with our customers to resolve any issues as seamlessly as possible, from the first article sample to a full production run. 

At NDS Electronic Solutions, we are devoted to overcoming all challenges to find the fastest production methods without ever giving up on your commitment to quality. We have a detailed in-house process for quality assurance that we use to monitor non-confirmities, to trace defects, and to promote continuous improvements. Our commitment to quality is at the top of our value system and we bring this commitment to every project we work on. 

Engineering Services

Redesigning a product? Great! We have engineers available to assist you with your design needs. We can help you improve an existing product, do a full redesign, or just help you with your testing procedures to ensure your product is the best that it can be.


At NDS Electronic Solutions we know that today's marketplace is increasingly competitive and challenging. We are a consistently high-quality manufacturer invested in the long-term success of our customers. We offer competitive pricing, off-shore services, flexibility and personalized service. 

Turn-key Assembly and Testing

Our turn-key assembly services remove all the headaches from your assembly operation. We order all the parts, perform all assembly, we test to your required standards and perform our own audit process. We can also safely pack and ship your product to the desired destination. 

We adhere to your required standards through our stringent quality audit procedures which are performed during the manufacturing process and on the finished goods. Our production analysis provides valuable engineering feedback and ensures that the manufacturing process is consistently refined. 

Our turn-key assembly service can be provided on sub-assemblies or on completed goods. 

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Your product is important to us. We are committed to working to meet our customer's needs after the production of your PCBs.

We offer a water-proofing option using a heavy duty MG chemical conformal coating material to protect your product from moisture, chemicals and temperature extremes in order to prevent issues before they arise.

We also offer silicone solutions for vibration prevention as well as different gasket options for water resistance.

We strive to be your one-stop electronics manufacturing solution!

PCB Assembly

Our goal is to have all PCB assemblies handled swiftly, smoothly and carefully. NDS Electronics is perfectly positioned to meet your electronics manufacturing needs with a SMT Pick & Place machine, a Manncorp leadfree wave machine line, a 12-inch wave solder machine, IR & convection five zone reflow oven, and wave solder machines. Our SMT and thru-hole capabilities will advance your technology to the next step of development. We follow strict guidelines and adhere to any customer procedures provided to us. We are able to provide both leaded and lead-free solder options- our solder is regularly tested to ensure purity. NDS works very closely with our PCB suppliers so that we are able to provide our customers with single layer boards all the way up to multi-layer PCBs.

NDS Electronic Solutions

Re-work and Repair

In addition to electronic manufacturing services, NDS is also able to provide our customers with re-work and repair options to assembled PCBs. We have the equipment and the staff to provide extensive repairs- from replacing components to repairing traces on circuit boards.

With our years of experience, we know that nothing lasts forever and we have the capability to assist our customers with RMA upgrades as well as general repairs of RMAs.

Turn-key Assembly

Supply Chain Services

Post-Production Metalwork, Plastic, and Packaging Needs

Managed Offshore Services

Packaging and Shipping


PCB Assembly
Cable Assembly
System Assembly